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Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Painting and Pottering

What have we been up to today.....  (edit..yesterday actually as internet went down before I could post this)
Well here's the clue, it's been a work day today.  See we do have to work sometimes!
Over the past week whenever we have been at a suitable pontoon where we can access the side of the boat, we (that is Ian) has been angle grinding, rubbing down, rust proofing and priming the sides of the boat below the gunwhales (where you walk along the side, for you landlubbers). This is how they looked this morning after a quick wash down.
A bit more sanding, jolly useful tool that electric orbital sander, does a good job. Jumble loaned his bedding as the deck is a bit rough on the knees.
Ready for the 1st layer of undercoat, rather a bright blue, but we're not finished yet.
Nearly at the end, well 1st coat, 1st side. Then we turned the boat and did the 2nd side, turned again and put 2nd coat on 1st side. Tomorrow we shall finish undercoating and start the top coat, hopefully the lovely midnight blue will match. The weather was just right, not too sunny, no rain, and not too windy. Hopefully it will stay the same tomorrow.
Jumble overseeing the work.
Then feeling inspired by Belle's blog I went foraging and came back with
elderflower, hawthorn blossom and roses from the hedgerows along the Water Rail Way beside the River Witham.
Layered the flowers with sugar. To be left 'til tomorrow.

Whilst washing up after dinner I saw a Barn Owl flying low over the opposite bank, quite early not even 8 o'clock, saw him again a bit later on. Could hear a cuckoo calling too. Lovely.
This evening we watched The Golden Age of Canals on iplayer, we're so glad those early restoration pioneers kept these lovely waterways from disappearing. What a great country we live in.

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