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Saturday, 14 May 2011

Down the Drains

We have been exploring some of the Witham Navigable Drains, off the River Witham between Lincoln and Boston.  These are man-made waterways dug to drain the fields of Lincolnshire making very rich fertile lands growing many food crops. The drains served two purposes, drainage for the fields and means of transport crops from the fields to the towns.
The bridges are low!  We only ventured onto the drains where the bridges were not marked as under 6'. 
Just made it!  Ian was there steering somehow.
Another one coming, this looks more like a tunnel.
It was longer than the boat, I guided the front making sure we didn't hit the cabin sides and Ian watched the back from his crouched position at the tiller. No bumps or scrapes. Phweh! But we have to turn round and go back again.
No, we didn't try that one.
Getting a bit narrow in places.
At the end of the Sleaford Navigation, Cobblers lock, not in use yet. So we turned in the winding hole....
......with difficulty, poles each end needed to push the boat round.  See the pile of reeds we had been pushing along.
Progress was very slow along here, but South Kyme village was pretty on the way through.

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