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Sunday, 22 May 2011

Tidal Trent Again

Internet connection has been slow for a few days so unable to up load pictures. Ready to catch up now.
Thursday evening we moored again in Saxilby. Where we found a Chinese take-away, which made a welcome change.
The painting is now finished so Tacet is looking good. Not been through any locks yet though.
Friday morning we were heading for Torksey Lock and the Trent for 11am, high tide, to make our way down to the Chesterfield Canal. So it was leaving the long straight Fossdyke and Witham Navigation with its deep channels and flat landscapes onto the busy, rushing river once again.
Anchor at the ready, just in case.
We made the journey in the company of nb Phyllis May II, owned by the Darlingtons. Terry wrote Narrow dog to Carcassonne about their adventure taking their first boat Phyllis May over the channel to France and down to the Mediterranean. Good read if you've not read it yet.
The river is wide with few bridges crossing it. This one is at Gainsborough.
Another wide straight section. Although it was windy, the boat was stable, until we passed another boat going in the opposite direction, then it dipped up and down over their wash. Ooer I don't like that.
Along the way we met lots of Sand Martins swooping over the water for flies and water and then flying back to their nest holes in the bank. They must have young in there.
It was a great relief to get back on to the calm, still, gentle waters of the canal again. So much more relaxing.
This is what we like.
Now a fisherman's tale of The One That Got Away.
Just as we were looking for a place to moor for the night, we spotted this cormorant with an eel.  He was having a job keeping hold of it, 
The eel was giving a good attempt at getting away,
After diving down in the water, the cormorant got a better grip,
Then as we passed he dropped the eel, then flew off. No supper for the cormorant and free to live another day for the eel. Who do you feel sorry/pleased for?


  1. Hi, just thought I'd let you know where a few of the pics I took at Morse-Deep locks today are:
    some here (I'll open a few more at the same URL in about a week) and some here

  2. I feel sorry for the cormorant!

  3. Thinking of going from Lead by junction to Nottingham, just how scary and how long would it take?