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Sunday, 26 June 2011


Friday morning we locked down the Barrowford flight with nb Rumba Tumba, very smoothly, we made a good team. It's a very pretty flight winding round the reservoir and dipping under the motorway.
We stopped for diesel at Reedley Marina, then moored up for lunch and took the opportunity to visit the retail outlet facility in the old Barden Mill building, (shopping in other words).
Then moved on through Burnley where the canal is built up on a 60' embankment giving dramatic views over the town. The embankment is known as 'the straight mile' although it's only 3/4 mile only.  
It is said to be one of the wonders of the British Waterways. It is impressive.
 The roof top view of the straight lined streets.
Out to the hills beyond.
An old wharf crane, not sure this was it's original position, at the edge of the aqueduct stretch.
Ian, Jumble and Tacet up amongst the rooftops.
Loved this view of the chimney pots.
And the tall chimney.
Looking back along the straight mile.
Round the sharp bend at the end of the embankment is Burnley Wharf, now a pub, museum and offices, I think.
And this little family, as I've not put any aahh pics for a while.

11 miles, 7 locks, 1 tunnel.

Saturday we stayed put at Hapton as we had visitors arriving. My brother and his family were coming up from Sussex to Manchester so joined us for lunch. It was the first time they have seen Tacet, it was good to see them all.  Weather was not good, very rainy all morning.
After they had gone it was dry again so we moved on to Rishton, where we moored for the night.
8 miles, 0 locks, 3 swing bridges.

This morning we went to the Rishton Methodist Church, where we were made very welcome and enjoyed the Bible teaching and especially the organ playing, the organist obviously loved playing and made a good job of leading the worship. Today the weather has been warm and sunny, but we only moved on a little way out into the countryside, we shall tackle the locks and get through Blackburn tomorrow.
2 miles.

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