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Friday, 10 June 2011


On Tuesday we made our way into Leeds, locking through from Knottingly with nb Watermarque.
Passing more power stations like this on the way. This one is at Ferrybridge. Coal was transported here from many different collieries much of it coming by water, sadly not any longer. Many spoil heaps can now be seen from the navigation now grown over and planted with trees. Some areas are now managed as nature reserves.
The locks along this stretch are all operated electronically, so not hard work, the paddles are very different.
And into Clarence Dock, very smart city offices, shops, restaurants and bars surrounding the dock along with the Armouries museum.  Unfortunately many offices and shops are standing empty.
Walking around Leeds on Wednesday we admired the Kirkgate Market buildings, outside
and inside too.
It was here that Michael Marks first set up his own market stall outside. Progressing to an indoor stall where he started to sell everything for one price, the Original Penny Bazaar. In 1884 he joined up with Thomas Spencer, the rest as they say, is history.More on Leeds to come. Trouble uploading pictures today, connection rather slow.
Wednesday afternoon both of our children arrived, from Bradford, and Sussex. Enjoyed wandering round the town with them and went out for an Indian meal at Mumtaz overlooking the Dock.

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