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Monday, 6 June 2011

Ging Gang Goole

The Stainforth and Keadby Canal and onto the New Junction Canal takes you through lots of lift and swing bridges.

Most of them are operated electronically so not difficult just a lot of hopping on and off the boat.
This pair of guillotine gates are at either end of the aqueduct close to the junction of these two canals.
Looking through to the other side.
Looking back and over the edge.
The very long Sykeworth Lock.
And so we got to Goole. A large inland port since the 1820's, once busy with Humber keels and Tom Puddings. It is still handles cargo from Europe and Scandinavia.
The Tom Puddings were a train of floating compartments for moving coal and aggregates, towed in a long line up to 20 at a time behind a tug.
They were brought into the port to the Boat Hoist..........

The hoist lifted up the container and then tipped them out via a shoot into the ships to take the cargoes to their next destination.
We moored up alongside a couple of other narrowboats and visited the Yorkshire Wateways Museum, Tacet looks rather small amongst the other boats.
Along the Aire and Calder towards Whitley Bridge we met the Humber Princess,
There's plenty of room and it did slow down, think it was carrying oil to Goole.


  1. The height it was out of the water shows it was unladen. Had been to Fleet oil depot. You will come to that when to progress towards Leeds

  2. M on Huffler is correct HP is empty.

    Humber Princess normally loads in Hull twice per week with oil for Greenline Oils at Rotherham. From Hull she often works as far the New Junction canal and then overnights there to await the travelling lock keeper to aid her passage to Rotherham the next morning. She fill the locks such as Sykehouse unlike Tacet. At Rotherham she unloads beyond the commercial head-of navigation and then reverses out to turn.

    Malcolm of Richlow Inland Waterways Guides.

  3. Thanks for correction, Ian had already pointed it out. oops!