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Silent Movement - Our gap year travelling the inland waterways

Tuesday, 21 June 2011


We returned to Tacet on Sunday evening, it felt good to be back and we could relax.
Monday was bright and sunny and we had planned to do the famous Settle to Carlisle train journey that had to be postponed last week.
So after returning the hire car to Keighley, we caught the 9.12am train to Carlisle and settled to enjoy the views.
We got off the train at Ribblehead so that we could see the famous viaduct, 104 feet high with 24 arches. It is quite something.
The two carriage train from Carlisle crossing the viaduct.
A freight train going over.
Through the arches.
The memorial to celebrate the finished reconstruction works.

Then onto Carlisle where we had a look around the town and some lunch.

Back on the train for the return journey, this time we stopped at Appleby and walked down into the village.
 Famous for the Appleby Horse Fair (which was held last week) where many Gypsies and Travellers come to meet, do business and trade, especially their horses.
The river Eden where the Travellers wash their horses to prepare them for sale. Jumble had to have a paddle/swim here too.

At each end of Boroughgate is a 'Cross' like this, with sundials at the top. They date from the 17th century.
Never seen this road sign before!  Apparently the population of red squirrels is growing in the north.
Very quaint little almshouses halfway up Boroughgate, set in a little courtyard with gardens behind. They were built in the 1600's by Lady Anne Clifford for poor, old women, and known as Hospital of St Anne.

Then back to the train and 'home' to Skipton, where we just had to try the famous Bizzie Lizzie's Fish and Chips! Lovely.
We've had a lovely day, great to be out in the fresh air, open countryside and beautiful scenery again.

This morning it was raining hard, so glad we did the train journey yesterday, so we waited for the rain to stop, before moving on this afternoon to Gargrave.
Again the views are lovely, though it was a bit cloudy still. 
The locks at Gargrave have some different ground paddles, they lift over in an arc.
In the closed position.
We will explore this village tomorrow before continuing on our pilgrimage.


  1. So its OK to take your dog on a train?

  2. At different times in my life, I have visited many of the places you show here, including travelling on the Settle Carlisle railway (though only from Appleby). I found this an absorbing post!

  3. Yes it's ok to take up to 2 dogs on the train, and no charge! Mind you Jumble has a good look round and 'cleans' the carriage floor while he's there!

  4. One of the reasons we want to return to the uk after 30 years in Sydney is that dogs are banned from.....trains, buses, ferries,taxis all beaches,all pubs even the gardens! Have to be on a leash in most parks, and its getting worse!
    The dogs are our family.