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Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Going round the bend

Today's journey has been just that, going round the bends through the beautiful rolling hillsides of North Yorkshire and into Lancashire. The weather has been good, dry with quite a bit of sun, its still not dark and it's 10pm. Yes, I know the days are getting shorter from now on........
Looking back from the one of the Bank Newton locks, the hills in the background.

An unusual bridge at East Marton,
 with a rolling post at the side that the ropes from the horse drawn boats could run over as the canal bends sharply through the bridge.
Through the tunnel of trees and out into the sunshine again.
A lovely stone lock cottage, with the date 1791 over the door.
And to show who has done all the work today.......
No bridges to open today, just 12 locks, locking up with nb Grace through Bank Newton locks.


  1. That bridge really is unusual!

  2. We are now in Reedley Marina. Will be here until next Wed. Huffler has to go to Minehead for 4 days and Jola to his doctors in Braunston.
    Sorry to hear your sad news. Have not had a signal ong enought to be able to send our condolences

  3. Hi H,
    We are really enjoying the L & L, seeing so many different bits and pieces of canal architecture etc.

  4. Thank you Huffler,
    We are at top of Barrowford tonight. Got here too late for the locks. Shame as it would have been a lovely evening for cruising. We enjoyed the evening sun and a walk round the reservoir, finishing off with a game of scrabble.
    Will be stopping at Reedley for fuel probably tomorrow. Will say hello to whoever is there!

  5. I'm interested in this as I've never been along as far as that - it looks like a nice stretch of the LL Canal.