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Thursday, 23 June 2011

The view from our window this morning. Rather cloudy and threatening rain, but could still see a long way over the hills.
Last night as Ian was putting away the computer he got that  'twinge'  again in his back, causing him to stop and wait for the pain to subside. Annoyingly he was only bending down, not twisting or moving anything heavy. 
As a result we had a lazy morning, getting up slowly, putting his socks on started off the pain again. So it took a while to get going. When he was able to move again walking seemed a good option so we walked into Barnoldswick, past the Rolls Royce factory where they test and build aircraft engines. The town is pretty, with lots of hanging baskets, think they must be entering Village in Bloom competition.
At Foulridge Wharf it was raining hard, but we had a wander round the village here too. The cafe looked tempting but we had had lunch and thought tea on the boat was just as good, we were rather wet with a wet dog too!
We were intrigued by this........
It is the top of a lime kiln, apparently in use at the time of building the canal. The kiln dates from the 1790's and was in continuous use until the 1860's.  It produced lime for the mortar needed in  building the canal locks, wharves, bridges, tunnels and reservoirs.
Limestone and coal were loaded in layers from the top. The burnt lime was drawn out from the bottom. Limestone and coal were of course transported by canal.
This cheeky fella helping himself to a snack when we were feeding the ducks.
Much to Jumble's disgust, 'What about me?'
The views from both sides of Tacet tonight. 
We got to Barrowford too late for the locks, they were already locked (to save water).
Shame as it was a lovely evening for cruising and doing locks. So instead we had dinner and then Karen and Jumble went for a walk around the reservoir, Ian was resting his back, which hasn't been too bad through the day. Walking and laying down is ok, sitting though is not very comfortable.
Tomorrow we leave the summit of this beautiful canal and start the journey down towards Liverpool.
5 miles, 0 locks, 1 tunnel

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