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Thursday, 21 July 2011

Bugsworth Beauties

Wednesday 20th
The view form my window this morning, let sleeping ducks lie........
Until Jumble sees them or we get some bread out, then they were up and full of life.
Bugsworth Canal Basin was a very busy place in the1800's. Limestone was brought from the Doveholes Quarry along a tramway, where the stone was either burnt in the limekilns and then transported by canal as lime, crushed for railway ballast, or loaded straight into boats as limestone. so it was a large area with limekilns a stone crusher building and lots of wharves for loading the boats. See more pictures and detail at Bugsworth Basin.
Walking along the canal away from the basin, Jumble needed to get over the wall, he really, really did. Ian had to hold tight to the lead. What was the other side?
Bacon! He just wanted to play, honest. 
They were quite cute, Ian would like pigs in the garden, except as I pointed out we haven't got a garden.
Once on the move, we made a couple of stops, to Whaley Bridge first, where there was a short stretch of visitor mooring but the bank edge was fallen away, so couldn't moor there. Moored on the permanent moorings of which there is loads all the way from the junction it seemed. 
Then we stopped again at New Mills,
where the Swizzels-Matlow sweet factory stands beside the canal issuing lovely sugary sweety smells, aahh, Love Hearts, Parma Violets, Fizzers, Rainbow Drops, Drumsticks, I remember them all.

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  1. Those pigs are so gorgeous! Very intelligent creatures too.