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Silent Movement - Our gap year travelling the inland waterways

Monday, 18 July 2011


That's certainly been the weather for the last 3 days. The camera has been safely stowed away in the dry, so sorry no pics.
We left Castlefield, Manchester on Saturday morning in the rain and worked up the Rochdale 9, slow and heavy going they were too, After stopping for a bacon sandwich in Piccadilly village just round the corner on the Ashton Canal, we carried on working the 18 narrow locks up to Fairfield junction with heavy showers all the way, a glimpse of sun occasionally for very short bursts. Then on to Portland Basin and turned on to the Peak Forest Canal to moor for the night.  Fitted in a trip to Asda to stock up the cupboards again before bed.
9 miles, 27 locks, 2 swing bridges

Sunday was still rainy and no break in the clouds at all, so we didn't move on.  Went to church in the morning and the Portland Basin Museum in the afternoon. It had some good social and industrial history displays.  We then set the telly up and watched Top Gear and a DVD for the first time since we got it.

Monday, still raining but we set off anyway towards Marple.  Moored up at lunchtime just below the aqueduct and the locks, and decided to stay put. We even lit the stove to dry out and warm up!  
6 miles, 1 bridge, 2 tunnels.

This evening about 7'oclock it brightened up and so we walked up the locks, it was nice to be out.
Caught this view of the boat moored in front of Tacet as we came back.
They had their fire going too.
Guess what!  It's raining again now.
Still with time on my hands I have been getting on with some cabin lace crochet work and have now completed one length to fit one window. 

Can you see the heart pattern?
I followed Janet Reeve's pattern in her book Cabin Crochet of the Inland Waterways.

The finished length. Only 5 more to do!
Also on the go I have some patchwork, and some of the hexagon flower shapes are now joined together making the first strip of a quilt.
So our time is taken up, reading, the puzzles in the paper, cooking and making things, well mine is anyway!!


  1. I've some friends who live near the canal in Worsley. It's a delightful spot. Your crochet is impressive - how nice to continue those old traditions; think of the generations of women who have sat on a boat and crocheted just like that.

  2. Thanks Jenny,
    I often think that it would be lovely to go back in time and see the canals and boats as they were. The scenery doesn't change much, but I guess they were not quite so tranquil as they are now especially at the wharves and basins.