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Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Longest, Highest, Deepest

That's the Standedge Tunnel, the longest at 3.2 miles, highest at 645 feet above sea level and deepest at 638 feet below ground at its deepest point. It is really impressive, it took us 1 hour 20 minutes to get through which we are told is a good time.  We had Terry our BW guide on board who knows the tunnel so well he was able to tell Ian where the narrow bits were, the low bits and the 'lumpy bumpy' bits!
lumpy bumpy bits

narrow bits

tall bits
great to be out in the daylight again.
The tunnel mouth at Marsden with the hill behind that we'd just come through.
After a late lunch on the east side of the tunnel, we wandered down to the village of Marsden, a very pretty stone village with the river Colne running through.
4.5 miles, 9 locks, 1 TUNNEL

So on Tuesday we made a start on working the 42 locks down into Huddersfield. Look at those hills.
Some emptied slowly.
Some had great views behind
The guillotine gate 
half way up
we'll just get through
and into Slaithwaite
Where we arrived in time to get a very tasty ice cream from a local shop, and later on got fish and chips.
3.5 miles, 21 locks

Continued downhill all day, leaving about 10am and arriving in Huddersfield around 4pm. Some pounds were very shallow. We got stuck in one bridge, and pulled out a trolley,
then got moving again. Some of the lock paddles were very stiff and some of the gates extremely hard work. But hey! we did it and it has been great.
5 miles, 21 locks

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