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Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Peak Forest Canal

It's stopped raining!
We worked our way up the Marple flight of 16 narrow locks on Tuesday morning, unfortunately we were following 2 other boats which meant that each lock was against us and had to be worked twice apart from two, where we met another boat coming down. The locks are deep, the total rise is 214 feet over a mile. It is a very pretty route, through woodland, parkland, and the last bit with a row of houses alongside the canal. We stopped at the top for a roast dinner at the pub, glad they were still serving food at 1.45pm. Sorry no photos of locks, too busy working and it's rather grey today, but no rain, did I already say that?
After a look round Marple, an attractive Derbyshire Cheshire town, we moved on along the Peak Forest Canal to Bugsworth Basin, where we moored for the night.
The way in to the basin, fully restored for moorings now. More about the basin tomorrow.
Tacet tucked into one of the loading wharves for the night. We could hear traffic from the busy road close by, but that didn't disturb us!


  1. Not a record by any means, took about 3 1/2 hours, a bit slow.

  2. Sadly, Marple is Cheshire rather than Derbyshire. It's one of those bits of Cheshire which we'd quite like to slide over the border while no one was looking :)

    I agree about 16 locks being impressive! Also, rather hard work!

  3. Oops sorry, didn't check! All the shires are lovely though especially the bits with canals!