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Thursday, 21 July 2011

'Mazing Marple

Leaving our Marple moorings this morning we came through Marple wharf through the narrow channel next to the wharf building, not sure why it is like that. I'm sure someone will tell me.
Made the sharp left hand turn under the bridge to the top lock of the flight, no. 16.
We were to share the locks, Karen working the first 8, Ian the last 8 down to the aqueduct. I intended getting more pictures today as the sun was out. But this meant so were the gongoozlers, several grandparents out with pre-schoolers, so I tended to be answering questions and carefully watching little ones knowing the dangers, (not that the grandparents weren't watching, but I still feel a responsibility). So not many photos.
The locks are very deep, but empty quickly.
Some are more leaky than others. Glad we are not a 70 footer!
Ian's turn to do the hard work, the bottom paddles were the worst on this flight.
The moss covered walls of some of the locks were actually quite pretty, with a great variety of plants and water running off it.
And over the aqueduct at the bottom,
looking across to the railway viaduct.
and the light at the end of the tunnel.  Woodley tunnel, narrow with towpath.
And then back to Dukinfield for the night. We'll turn onto the Huddersfield Narrow in the morning.
8 miles, 16 locks, 2 tunnels, 1 bridge


  1. I've walked along the Marple end of this route. It's a lovely stretch :0

  2. Yes we like it very much, I'm sure we'll be back!