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Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Have car, will travel...

We extended our car hire until Tuesday lunchtime as we wanted to visit the National Coal Mining Museum near Wakefield.
As the forecasters had promised it was a very windy day, so it wouldn't have been a good cruising day, and down the mine we didn't notice the wind! The museum is free with about an hour and a half tour down the mine, well worth the visit.
We also took the opportunity to visit Haworth known as Bronte country, where the 3 Bronte sisters lived with their father in the parsonage. Here they wrote 7 novels often inspired by the Yorkshire hills and moors, of which Jane Eyre and Wuthering Heights are the most famous.
The Bronte Parsonage, now a museum, we were there too late for a visit.

Haworth Church next door

looking down the main street, lots of interesting shops,

love the cobbles

and looking back up.
By now we were on the way back to Bradford with our daughter, driving over the moors, glad we were in the car as it was soooo windy.  Once we reached Bradford we did the good parent thing and took her to Tesco to restock her cupboards, and she cooked us a curry in return.
Glad to get back to Tacet and an early night, after a busy weekend and loads of driving, nearly 1500 miles over the last 10 days!

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