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Friday, 2 September 2011

Hebden Bridge to Heptonstall

This afternoon we walked up the steep hillside from Hebden Bridge to Heptonstall. It was quite a climb but well worth the effort as the village is picturesque and the views fantastic.
Here are some of the photos I took.
A row of weavers cottages at the top of the town, where they would get good light through their rows of windows for weaving and matching the colours of the cloth.
Over the door of this building the inscription in the stone says Cloth Hall 1545-1558. Obviously also a part of the textile industry of these mill towns.
Loved this house, it was close to the church. I didn't see a name, but it is much grander than most of the small cottages. Perhaps a vicarage or a mill managers home.
There are two church buildings in Heptonstall, this one, St Thomas a Beckett, was left derelict following storm damage in the 1840's and a new one built just across the churchyard in the 1850's.
St. Thomas the Apostle Church in use today.
Also in the village is the octagonal Methodist Chapel, claiming to have been in continuous use longer than any other Methodist church.
The inside is beautifully kept and according to the history boards, had congregations of 350 in the 1800's and the Sunday School had a 1000 attendees. These were not only children as Sunday School then was for general education and so adults too would come to learn to read and write.  A separate building behind was built to accommodate them all.
We think this was a gate way to a farm in the village, the inscription in the stone over is IB 1578, so had to frame Ian! Though the gateway is 382 years older than him.
Looking across the valley over Hebden Bridge to the heather clad hills and the 'double decker' houses.
A closer view of these, built into the hillside, we think they have an entrance on one side for the lower 2 floors then an entrance from the other side for the upper 2 floors. Also each terrace could have been 4 houses.

We shall be leaving Tacet here in Hebden Bridge for the next few days as we travel back to Sussex to see family and friends. The last few days have been lovely sunny days, but we have begun to notice the signs of things to come.........
Be back soon.


  1. I love that 3 storey stone built house. It looks so solid and well proportioned; really attractive to the eye!

    We are definitely seeing signs of autumn - earlier than usual I think, because of all the dry weather in early summer. The mornings are developing a nip too! Will you continue to travel through the Winter? When does your year run out?

  2. I went back to answer at least one of my own questions. March/April! It seems that there will be some Winter journeying at least. When are you doing the Trent and Mersey?