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Saturday, 24 September 2011

Travelling the Towpath

As we made our way up the Marple flight again, we do love it here, I thought I'd see who else was enjoying the canal side too.
First was this cyclist, going quite fast ready for the climb past the 2nd lock.
Then a cheery man out for a stroll,
two joggers, going a quite a pace, but it was downhill.
A beautiful spaniel, taking his pet for a walk, I think he's just spotted Jumble.
A walk home from the shops, mind the puddles!
friends together enjoying walk and talk time.

A little person out with Grandma, clutching bread for the ducks.
The busy stretch, now I was steering the boat, so not so easy to get the photos.
And at the top just on the Macclesfield, these two looked a bit serious in their hi-viz tops in the sunshine.
I hope they all enjoyed their time on the towpath as much as we did coming past.
We love Marple.


  1. I can understand why you love it :)

    When are you planning on travelling the Trent and Mersey? I'm looking forward to reading those posts!

  2. When we reach the end of the Macclesfield, at Harding's Wood Junction we shall turn onto the Trent and Mersey to Middlewich, so just a short stretch, before going off to Llangollen. Will probably not do the rest until next year. So not very close to your part of the world yet.

  3. How exciting! Please take lots of photos of the Chirk and Pontcysyllte aqueducts!! I would love to travel over them in a narrow boat. I have a bit of a thing for heights :)

    Will you do the navigable stretch of the Montgomery?

  4. I'm sure we shall, we want to tick off as many waterways as we can.