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Friday, 30 September 2011

A busy day

Yet another beautiful, sunny and hot day. We got going at 8.30 as we had a lot of locks ahead of us. This stretch of the Trent and Mersey canal is known as Heartbreak Hill with 31 locks in 8 miles.
We had done 6 of them yesterday, so the rest to do today taking us to Middlewich.

We took turns to work the locks/drive the boat, and both have taken photos of the split foot bridges at the bottom of the locks. The gap is to allow the horses tow rope to pass through. 
Coming down into Middlewich, we passed the Sandbach salt works.  We could see this loader scooping up the salt, moving it about. There were big mounds of salt behind him and bags of it stacked up ready to be taken out on lorrys. Sadly not boats.
We turned onto the Middlewich arm of the Shropshire Union Canal and met nb Alton coming out of the first lock. nb Alton is part of the Renaissance Canal Carrying Company delivering coal, logs, paraffin, diesel to those on the canal. So we stopped them and here is Alton alongside Tacet.
"Two bags of Taybrite, please".  Lifted across......
A rare sight!  (he,he)          Money exchanges hands....
All done, easy.  Thanks Brian and Ann-Marie.
A peaceful scene from today's cruise,
and another autumn scene.  We are now moored above Stanthorne lock  just a little way out of the town, in beautiful countryside. Lovely day.
9 miles,  27 locks


  1. Hi, have you thought about doing short reviews about the books you have read? What did you make of When God was a Rabbit?

  2. Hi,
    I read your review the other day and meant to comment, didn't get round to it! Found it a strange book with so many things happening and the links to real life. The thoughts on relationships and the way they change as you mature were interesting though.