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Monday, 19 September 2011

The Littleborough Lean

Yesterday morning we woke up falling out of bed...
Knowing the water levels on the Rochdale are often falling, we had left long ropes when we tied up, but still this was Tacet this morning.  It's hard to appreciate the amount we were leaning from the photo, but it was not comfortable.
Over the last two days we have travelled 9 miles, still not covering much distance, but the locks are getting more spaced out, only 17 and 2 bridges in that short stretch. We have met only a few other boaters the last few days and today seen no-one all day. 
Had a bit of a scare today, in one of the locks, the front of the boat caught on the side as we were going down and again we were leaning over, scarily. I shouted to Ian to drop the paddle and fortunately as the water stopped draining the front slipped off the edge and we were ok. Shows how you have to pay attention in the locks.
The weather continues to be showery with some sunny bits between the clouds. This has not stopped us though. But haven't taken many photos. 
Moored in Chedderton this evening just by the aqueduct over the River Irk and walked into the village where we found a Co-op, so able to find something for dinner tonight.
An early start for us tomorrow as we have the 19 locks down into Manchester to do.

9 miles, 17 locks, 2 bridges


  1. If I remember rightly, the Rochdale ends in Castlefield. If you have the inclination, the Manchester Museum of Science and Industry is very much worth a visit.

  2. That's right the Rochdale goes down to Castlefield. We went to the Museum back in July when we were last in Manchester. We have changed our plans and not going to Llangollen via the Bridgwater but via the Macclesfield. So tonight we are inthe basin at the junction of Rochdale and Ashton canals.