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Monday, 13 February 2012

Catch Up

No, we haven't got lost in the snow, we're still here in Braunston and still out of the water, as the canal is still frozen, so we can't get back in!
Following the snow which arrived a week ago last Saturday, Braunston looked like this on Sunday morning....
The sheep field in Pocket Park

with rather dirty white sheep!

a lone sledger at 8.30, there were lots more later

Bottom Lock, Braunston

Braunston Boats

From Butcher's Bridge

Butcher's Bridge

Braunston Marina

Footsteps in the snow on top of the ice

A small ice free pool,  just right for swimming! (If you're a duck)

It had been part of the plan that while Tacet was out of the water, having her bottom done, we would go back to Sussex and London to catch up with the family.  So come Monday, the canal was still frozen but the roads were clear so we travelled back for a few days and escaped the shed.
When we returned Tacet was out of the shed, but still not back in the water. We had only been back about half-an-hour when there was another heavy snow shower.
Over the weekend there has been some rain and  the snow is almost gone, but there is still quite a lot of ice on the water.
We have all we need here, water, electricity, loo facilities, village shop, good walks, and we have got various jobs done inside and out.

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