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Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Gone Fishing!

Yesterday we walked up to Braunston Tunnel and then followed the horse path over the top. The canal is pretty much covered in ice still, with just a few watery bits where there is water running into the cut, or below a lock. On the way up we noticed how clearly we could see the bottom, usually the  water is muddy looking with boats passing through, so with nothing moving for over a week it was very clear.  So that meant we spotted a mooring pin and a windlass lost to a watery grave. Not being one to miss an opportunity Ian later went back with the boat hook and fished them out.
The mooring pin was in good condition, the windlass less so, but I guess it will clean up. Good to have a few spares, just in case, or to pass on to someone else.
Lovely shiny tunnel bands, now they have been glossed.

Sunset over Braunston last night, getting later every day. Hooray.

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