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Friday, 3 February 2012

High and Dry*

Yesterday morning we woke up with our bottom encased in ice. Tacet's bottom that is!  But we had to move as we had a date with the pulling machine at Braunston to get us out of the water.
So we slowly pushed our way through the ice, covering the 4 miles in just under 2 hours.
Baunston Turn ahead, a very welcome sight.

Once at JG Marine at the bottom of Braunston locks we waited for the call to move up to the slipway.
Tacet in place, awaiting her carriage.

Here it comes
with the 'pulling machine' at the ready

A little push and down goes the carriage

sliding underneath Tacet

Taking the strain and with Ian keeping a watchful eye


Up she comes

She's out, just a little further to go

High and dry, revealing Tacet's bottom

The whole process took less than half and hour, very smooth, but a little nerve-wracking watching our boaty home leave her watery environment.

A closer look of the sacrificial anodes (for those of you who care)

The propeller in quite good condition (they always seem so small to me)

and Justin sets to work with the pressure washer

Wahsed down and ready for work to begin tomorrow

Our way up onto Tacet now
It feels strange moving around inside with none of the usual rocking movement, we managed to sleep ok though despite the stillness! 

* Very tempted to use the title 'Bottoms', might have raised pageview stats, but little else.


  1. Always a strange sight seeing the boat emerge from the water. Just hope when the blacking is finished you can find a mooring till the ice melts. Fingers crossed it does.

    1. Yes, probably just across the canal will be as far as we get.

  2. I've seen one being pulled out of the water at Stenson (Trent and Mersey). It looks incongruous! I can imagine that sleeping on a 'fixed' Tacet felt extremely weird!

    I like your comment about the alternative title :)