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Silent Movement - Our gap year travelling the inland waterways

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Winter's here

After the clear cold night and the forecasts last night, we were expecting a very cold morning.  Well there was a bit of ice on the inside of the windows and some frost on the towpath, but no ice on the water.
We were just readying to move off when we were passed by another boat heading towards Napton locks too. Bother, that means they'll all be against us!
As we left the Marston Doles lock at the top of the flight, we met ice. Now we were glad that there was someone in front of us, he was ice breaking a way through.

Now I'll try something different here, I tried using the video button on the camera, never used it before, so you can hear the sound of the ice breaking as we move through.

At the next lock we got our first glimpse of Napton Windmill,

a tiny white dot in the centre on the horizon. (hardly noticeable here, sorry)
The village of Napton-on-the-hill, the windmill now on the left.
Just above the bottom lock, the sun was particularly striking on the water, with the ducks enjoying it too.

And round the corner the closest we shall get to the windmill today.
We have moored at Shuckburgh ready to get into Braunston tomorrow.  We have also heard from the boatyard and they would like to get Tacet out of the water tomorrow afternoon. Hopefully there won't be too much more ice forming overnight.

5 miles, 9 locks


  1. Well, the video button worked ;) How thick do you think the ice was?

  2. A beautiful sunset to conclude!

    That ice was really noisy. At what point do you decide it's too thick to be able to move off in the morning?

  3. Glad the video thingy worked, i'll try that again sometime. Actually should have used that yesterday when we pulled Tacet out of the water! Doh!
    We reckon the ice was about 1/4 inch thick, thinner in some places, thicker in others.
    If we'd had no reason to move, we would have stayed put yesterday I think.