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Monday, 20 February 2012

Goodbye Braunston

Today (Thursday last week) we have enjoyed the unseasonal warm weather, and with the ice all gone, we moved away from Braunston, making our way up the locks to the tunnel.
leaving Braunston tunnel (south portal)

I never tire of the sight of bridges over the canal, it was a lovely journey to Norton Junction, with its lovely old toll house.
Norton Junction

Then it was onto Watford locks, no lock keeper about at this time of year, and not other boats moving so it was not long before we got to the top and stopped for lunch once away from the motorway.
Watford staircase

After a break and warm up, we made our way to Crick, and through the tunnel.

Inside the tunnel it is quite wet, but there are lots of stalactites and calcite formations down the walls, difficult to see in the dark, but just managed to get a photo.
Sorry for the delay in getting this post finished and put on, I gave up on this originally as the signal was so poor, couldn't download the pictures.
Then we have had a visitor with us over the weekend, so my usual blogging time has been filled with other things.  I'll try to catch up now.


  1. The calcite formations are fascinating. It looks so much like the inside of a natural cavern.

    Do you know, I hadn't realised just how many staircase locks there are on the Inland Waterway network? You seem to be going up and down them pretty regularly!

    You may be interested in this little series of blog posts from Jennyfreckles of Saltaire. It's about a 'happening' at the Bingley Five Rise. The series is 6 posts long and begins here
    (Just in case you are interested)

    1. Thanks H,
      See next post for another set of staircase locks at Foxton!
      We had seen the news item of the locks at Bingley. We went up them in June last year, they are very impressive. It would have been great to go along and see them, Not in the right place at the right time!