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Thursday, 23 February 2012

Gas Museum

On Wednesday as we neared the centre of Leicester, we stopped at Aylestone Mill lock and went to visit the Gas Museum as noted in Nicholson's guide.  It is at the entrance of a big British Gas depot and charted the production of town gas and its uses in lighting then the change to natural gas and development into other uses as competition from electricity began.
With Ian's interest in Tilley lamps and gas lighting, it was interesting. There was another family visiting who also had an interest in Tilley lamps, and discussion on where to resource mantles followed and e-mail adresses passed on too.
This area was set up as a 1920's all gas kitchen.
With gas stove, toaster, iron heater, water heater, fire and hotplate for kettle.  All recognisable and practical, but I'm not so sure about the hairdryer standing in the corner of the room...
We also love a combined gas cooker and refrigerator, and dual purpose washing machine and dishwasher! (didn't get a photo though).

We made the last bit of the journey, three locks, past the football stadium,

and are now moored at Castle Gardens in the city.

4 miles,  6 locks

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