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Monday, 13 August 2012

Ferry, cross the Mersey

Well ,when you're in Liverpool you have to, don't you.
Take the ferry across the Mersey.

I know we could take Tacet across, but only with a bit of a fuss, so we'll go the long way round to Ellesmere Port.
Anyway today we took the ferry from Pier Head, Liverpool across to Seacombe, with a little trip down river along the estuary first.

At Seacombe we walked along the promenade to New Brighton, an area bought and developed by a Liverpool merchant, James Atherton, in 1830 to provide a seaside resort to match the south coast, hence the name. 
It's just over 2 miles along the edge of estuary. The tide was on the way out, so some of it we walked along the shore, giving Jumble the chance for a swim, he was desperate to get down to the water, he does love a swim in the sea. 
Jumble in the Mer-sea

Fish and chips for lunch, again you have to, don't you, at the seaside.
Fort Perch Rock is an historically important site in the defence of the Port of Liverpool right up to WWII. It is positioned at the mouth of the Mersey beside the Irish Sea.  No longer used for defense it is now a venue for musical performances.

The New Brighton Lighthouse, beside the Fort, is also disused.

wind turbines out at sea (sorry bit hard to see)

Once back at Seacombe and aboard the ferry again, we stopped off at Woodside, Birkenhead, with just a short walk this time up to Hamilton Square and the Town Hall.

It is a Georgian town square commissioned by William Laird.  With each side of the square's terraced houses different. A commemorative cross for Queen Victoria in the centre.
Tonight the sunset has been beautiful 'cross the Mersey, I hope my photos do it justice.

The view from Tacet tonight, across Salthouse dock.

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  1. Stunning sunset!

    When they were little, we used to take the lads to Albert Dock and take a ride across the Mersey on the ferry. They loved it :)