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Saturday, 4 August 2012

Police - Stop & Search

Yesterday, although in Manchester, we really didn't feel much like city sightseeing and it's not really long since we were here before, so the very necessary job of washing and cleaning Tacet (on the outside) was tackled. I polished her too, along one side only though, as whilst it brings back the red from pink and puts a good shine on the blue, after doing one side, my wrist and arm were really aching. I was glad when we had a shower and I could stop for a bit. We really want to do a bit more painting, but have not had enough dry days together to do so.
We left the basin this morning, here's a few of the sights as we leave.

As we made our way along the Bridgewater Canal out of Manchester nearing Salford Quays there were crowds of people walking in one direction, between streets packed with parked cars.  Where were they all going?
Through Throstle Nest Bridge and we found out.
"Please Sir, would you stop your boat and pull in to the side," asks the smiling policeman.
 Now then, were we speeding?  3mph, don't think so.  Drunk driving? It's only 10am. What's up?
There was one of the Olympic football matches being played at the Man U ground beside the canal.  We were considered a possible terrorist threat, travelling with our home under the bridges that give entrance to the ground.  We needed to be searched before we could go on. The officer stopping us and his colleague called up two more officers equipped with life-jackets and one of them walked through the boat to search for, well whatever it is they search for, and after about 2 minutes appeared again, happy to let us go on.
They were very pleasant and friendly, just doing their job, but I'm not sure how effective it would have been if we really had been hiding a bomb!

No locks along this stetch today and passing along the same ground water we cover a month ago, Barton, Worsley, Astley and Leigh.
We stopped at Leigh where we have had a few showers,
and a rainbow too.

13.5 miles, 0 locks


  1. So they didnt find the two tons of semtex in the bilges masquerading as paving slabs????

  2. Shhh! seems like we got away with it!

  3. That huge new tower really does look out of place.
    Organising security for the Olympics must have been a nightmare. I'm so pleased everything passed off safely and happily :)