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Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Rufford - Tarleton - Crooke

Yesterday we travelled to the end of the Rufford branch of the Leeds & Liverpool Canal. The lock at Tarleton takes you out onto the tidal River Douglas, which one day we shall do, then onto the Ribble link to connect to the Lancaster Canal.  There were 5 boats due down from the Ribble link an hour or so after we got there.

We didn't wait to see them, just wandered along to look at the flow on the river then into the village for a wander round before heading back to Tacet and returning to Rufford to visit the Rufford Old Hall, a National Trust property on the banks of the canal.
Until 1936, Rufford Old Hall was in the continuous ownership of the Hesketh family who were lords of the manor of Rufford from the 15th century.

Only the great hall built around 1530 for Sir Robert Hesketh survives from the original building. But it is very grand and shows the wealth and position of the family.
In 1661 a Jacobean style rustic brick wing was built contrasting with the medieval black and white timbering.

This morning we set off again back to the main line of the L&L following the L&L boat Pauline up the locks although we didn't really catch up with her until the 1st lock on the branch.

Once back on the main line we turned toward Parbold stopping here for lunch, I nipped into the village for some bread to eat with our homemade chicken soup, and the heavens opened, so I got a shower as well!

After lunch and the showers were over, we had a more leisurely wander round the village, prettiest around the canal as Nicholson's guide says.
Tonight we are moored in Crooke where we can get diesel tomorrow morning from Derek on L&L barge Ambush.

9 miles, 1 lock, 7 bridges
11 miles, 9 locks, 5 bridges


  1. For a minute there I thought you might be heading up Lancaster way. Never mind, as you say, you'll do it one day and I hope to catch up with you when you do.

  2. Like Jim, I was wondering if you might be heading up to Lancaster. If/when you do, I can recommend St Thomas' church (and it is very close to the canal).

  3. Ahh memories! We overwintered in Rufford last year and played around on our boat Islonian on the Rufford. Never did take it all the way down to Tarleton though.........