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Tuesday, 14 August 2012

In Me Liverpool Home

It has been a really lovely sunny and warm day 'In me Liverpool home'.
We hear the accent, that's exceedingly rare everywhere, it's fun,
We've not met anyone under the exceedingly bare statue yet, but have been to the cathedral and the spare today.
If you're wondering what that's all about, it's from the chorus lines of a song made popular by the Spinners many years ago, written by Pete McGovern. Think my Dad must have had it on a record. You can listen to it here.

First stop of the day was at the Merseyside Maritime Museum where we looked around the Titanic exhibition before joining the Old Docks Tour, taking us under the new development that is known as Liverpool One where the original wet dock built in the early 1700's is being gradually unearthed and conserved.  This dock was the first of its kind in the country if not the world, resulting in Liverpool becoming the centre of commerce and trade that made it such a wealthy, prosperous city.

It was built of brick, and though not the strongest thing to use against big ships coming in to dock, has stood up very well.  Eventually it was not big enough for the larger ships that were coming in to the port in the 1800's and so the dock development that we can see now came into being.

This afternoon we went to the two cathedrals.  The anglican one, built of red sandstone and designed by Giles Gilbert Scott, he of red telephone box fame, is a massive, imposing building, overlooking the city. It is the largest anglican cathedral in Europe.
It is quite awesome if not beautiful, and the space inside is enormous too. Rather austere and intimidating I find.
the west window
I felt you and I know you loved me is what is written underneath the window, don't think there is chapter and verse for that.  I found the whole place rather lacking in  biblical references or texts, except in the children's area which was good with bible stories and activities.
the high altar
huge gothic arches and viewing bridge

The catholic cathedral is a huge contrast, very much more modern in its appearance, built of concrete and portland stone around a huge lantern tower in the centre.
I found it stunning, inspiring and beautiful. And as you walk inside, it quite takes your breath away.

The altar is in the centre and the seating all around, with smaller chapels outside of that. Coloured blue and green glass representing the Mersey are around the walls, with the lantern tower reflecting different colours of the spectrum as you walk around.

Above the chapel of Reconciliation the red window had the sun right behind it, a reminder of the blood of Jesus shed to reconcile us to God. 

It was great taking time to absorb the feeling of peace and love here.


  1. They call the catholic cathedral, "Paddy's Wigwam" in Liverpool. As I originate their, it is not a derogatory term, but part of the humour. Brill city.

  2. It's years since I last heard that song! I've been in the two cathedrals (again, a long time ago) and was impressed by both; though in very different ways.