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Friday, 10 August 2012

Through All The Changing Scenes

No blogging for a few days, as I have been away from Tacet for a few days. We have been making leisurely progress towards Liverpool, stopping in quiet places for the evening, and visiting little villages during the day.
I have been down to Eastbourne to visit my Dad in hospital, leaving Ian and Jumble on the boat catching up with some of the painting jobs, since we had some dry days.
In fact the last few days have been hot, hot, HOT!
So here is a quick run through our journey since the weekend, back on the Leeds and Liverpool Canal, covering new ground water for us. The scenery is quite different now.
Trencherfield Mill, Wigan

Parbold Windmill

Rufford Branch

Burscough Mill

Halsall Church

Gargoyle - Man praying in a boat.

Halsall Navvie sculpture

Leeds & Liverpool barge

Leaving the hills behind

Arable country

Fields ready for harvest

Golden evening light
Tomorrow we shall make the short trip to Bridge 9 where we meet up with C&RT men to travel down in to Liverpool. 

Sunday - Friday
26 miles, 7 locks, 6 bridges


  1. Have a great time, we really enjoyed our visit into Liverpool and the C&RT (BW then) guys were great.


    1. Thanks have been making a list of 'things to do' while in Liverpool, it's getting quite long! Just been looking at your blog too.

  2. One of the things I love about the Leeds Liverpool is that it is so varied; wonderful countryside juxtaposed with industry, some of it historic.