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Monday, 20 August 2012

Leaving Liverpool

Gosh, a lot seems to have been happening the last few days. And I have got behind with the blog.
On Friday we 'Got a ticket to ride'....
On this National Trust Bus.....................................................................going to

these two very ordinary looking houses in Liverpool.   Once home to two very ordinary young men with a great talent for songwriting and music, Paul McCartney and John Lennon.
The two guides in the houses were so knowlegeable and had met members of their families and talked to Paul, giving us a real insight into their family lives and their launch into fame.

Whilst we were in Liverpool, Roger and Dawn on NB Kookaburra arrived, we had been expecting them to arrive after meeting them in Leeds a few weeks ago.  They are also BCF members so on Friday evening we enjoyed spending time chatting and hearing all about their adventures.  Since retirement they have sailed round the world on a sailing ship before taking to the canals.

On Saturday morning we, along with 5 other narrowboats, made our way through the locks, the link and back to the Leeds & Liverpool Canal.
wating to go out of Albert Dock

Following NB Dawdler into the bottom of the flight up
playing leap-frog at the swing bridges

It started off grey and cloudy, but not cold, and later on the sun broke through and it was HOT.
We got back to Burscough about 6.30, 25 miles from Liverpool. A good journey.

Yesterday, after church, I stopped at Tesco to fill up the cupboards, then after a quick lunch we were on our way again, turning onto the Rufford Branch. 
Here we worked 6 locks, some in the rain before stopping before we got any wetter. Ian's brother and sister-in-law came across to see us they are touring with their caravan and were staying near Morcambe.  So that was another nice evening chatting, eating and walking together.
25 miles, 6 locks, 9 bridges
3 miles, 6 locks,


  1. Did you meet our friends on nb Toulouse in Liverpool as they were there the same time. Enjoyed reading about your exploits in liverpool. Doug and james

    1. We did see Toulouse, and spoke to them when they arrived. Think they are travelling with nb Kookaburra aren't they?

  2. There is something very appealing about that swing bridge picture!