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Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Back on Board

Hi there, we're back.  Back on Tacet, back to our travels and back in Blogland. We have been visiting friends and family in Kent and Sussex over the last week. Our journey on Sunday evening back to Cheshire was a good one despite heavy showers of rain, snow and sleet for the most part, none of it was settling and the motorways stayed clear.  We arrived back in Wheelock at about 8.30 and the temperature on board was 3'. First job was to light the fire and switch on the central heating, then put the kettle on and then to unload the car.  By the time we had unpacked, eaten and got ready for bed the boat was cosy and warm again with the temperature up to 20'.
On Monday we were up bright and early to take the car back into Crewe calling at Tesco on the way to restock the fridge and the heavier goods. Ian had to re-fit the injectors which had had new parts fitted, then we were off, making the journey from Wheelock to Chell's Aqueduct.  It was very cold standing on the back of the boat, a bit warmer for the lockie, so we took turns to keep us from shivering.
Wheelock flight
It was good to be able to moor up in a quiet spot surrounded by farmland once again.
Snowdrops emerging from the hedge trimmings

This morning we got on the way again to Hardingswood Junction where the Macclesfield Canal meets the Trent and Mersey, crossing over then looping round to join just above the Kidsgrove lock.  On the way the water gradually takes on the rusty orangey shade leeched from the iron deposits in the ground.
'rusty' water

rusty gates?

Tacet going up Poole Aqueduct Lock

Poole Aqueduct, Macclesfield Canal crossing Trent and Mersey.

As we got nearer to the tunnel entrance where usually the water is at its most orangey colour, it looked more like the usual muddy canal colour, 'til we had passed through that is.  It must be some time since any boat traffic has been along this way.  We'll ask the tunnel keeper tomorrow.
stirring up the mud iron

It has been another cold day, but nonetheless good to be out and about, enjoying the crispness and appreciating the cosy warmth when we come back inside.

Wheelock - Chell's Aqueduct
3 miles, 12 locks

Chell's Aqueduct - Hardingswood Junction
4 miles, 14 locks

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