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Monday, 25 February 2013

Inspiration in Alrewas

We worked our way down through the Fradley locks this morning, meeting a couple of other boats on the move as we went.  People are beginning to be out and about again. 
We have chosen to carry on along the Trent & Mersey as we may not have the chance to 'do' this stretch again while we are on Tacet. Though we shall have to come back to make the journey southwards along the Coventry Canal and Grand Union down into London.

It has been cold out on the tiller again, no sun and a fresh wind blowing over us.

A stop off at Alrewas (All-ree-was) was needed to warm up, though not inside by the fire, but with a walk around the village, it's such a pretty place, we enjoyed and inspired by our wandering, here's a taster for you too.
Snowdrops in the churchyard
Inside the church, this wall-hanging displays the family names of parishioners, embroidered, stitched, beaded or appliquéd in various styles.

Why not today?
Mend a quarrel; Seek out a forgotten friend; Write a love letter; Share some treasure; Give a soft answer; Encourage youth; Find the time; Forgive an enemy; Listen; Apologise if you were wrong; Think first of someone else; be kind and gentle; Laugh a little more; Express your gratitude; Gladden the heart of a child; Take pleasure in the beauty and wonder of the earth; Speak your love; Speak it again; Speak it still once again.

Over a village house doorway.
Traveller as you pass this way. A blessing on this house I pray, 
And if you've the time (I ask your pardon), Spare another for the garden.
Thatched cottages
Signs of Spring
Mill on the river Trent
This dates back to 1614, but most of the building is from 1785 when it was a water powered cotton mill.  More recently it was a mill for animal feed. Now appears to have been developed into housing.
River and canal merge
Mosses on the bridge

Fradley - Branston
7 miles, 11 locks


  1. How far along the T&M are you travelling?

    1. We've turned today at Willington as we are meeting our daughter at Burton this evening. Then we can get back to the Coventry Canal and make our way southwards again.