Narrowboat Tacet

Silent Movement - Our gap year travelling the inland waterways

Sunday, 17 February 2013

Where are we?

Tonight Tacet is somewhere we haven't been before. 

 Do you know where this is?


  1. My goodness, Did you get through Froghall tunnel? Well Done, looks a nice mooring, we didn't try it when we were there, but we have heard you can get through.

  2. We were one of the first boats in to Froghall Basin after its (re)opening in 2005. We squeezed Willow through the tunnel, and took on passengers to make the return through the tunnel easier.

  3. How much water did you put in the bilges

  4. I must admit I didn't even try to get Starcross through.

    I'm pretty sure your Trent Guide is still on Starcross. I'll look out for it next time I visit (I assume you don't need it immediately?) Meanwhile if you'd like to email me at jim "at" starcross "dot" me "dot" uk we can arrange how I can get it to you.

  5. Well done! Our handrails on the roof stop us getting through the Froghall even if we take everything else off the roof! We enjoyed the moorings by the old copper works though. I seem to remember the time restriction was 24hrs or something silly though!

  6. Wahoo, we got through!
    In June we got stuck, with the handrail on both sides rubbing. The difference this time was 160kg of coal in the front well deck! Progress was very slow, working the boat along 'by hand', guiding it through. We did lose a bit of paint though. But it was worth it! A lovely mooring at the other end.