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Sunday, 24 February 2013

Fradley Junction

We moored at Rugeley last night and went to church there this morning, it's a bit of a walk out to Fernwood to the Community Church, but it was good to meet them again and worship together.

We needed to move on this afternoon to make sure we were through Wood End Lock before work starts there tomorrow.  It was very cold on the tiller, so we took turns even though it really wasn't very far, just about 7 miles altogether and just the one lock.  We decided to stop at the top of Fradley locks, we'll tackle them tomorrow.

Ian and Jumble went for walk down to the junction while I washed down the boat, a much needed operation, it's been a long time since any boat cleaning has been done.

Here's some pictures from their walk.

Weston-upon-Trent - Rugeley
8 miles,4 locks

Rugeley - Fradley
7 miles, 1 lock

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