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Monday, 18 February 2013

Getting through the Gap

Wahoo, we got through!  Through the very low and narrow Froghall tunnel at the end of the Caldon Canal. 
In the summer, well in June anyway, we pushed Tacet's nose into the opening, very slowly and soon realised with both of the handrails touching the brickwork and dips and bumps in the tunnel ahead we were not going to get through.
This time was different. Why? There were 8 bags of coal stacked in the well deck.......160kg ..........lowering the boat just enough to get us through. Once the front of the cabin was through the rest followed easily, mind you it was slow progress, working 'by hand' pushing against the brickwork and easing the cabin sides past the extra low bits.
no-one steering down the back?

one of the wider gaps so I had hands free for the camera

The basin at the end is a lovely peaceful spot, making it all worthwhile.

And today we made the journey back again, with a topped up tank of water too, so easy peasy this time.  Just getting cocky now!

Ok, we'll confess to losing a bit of red paint, but it was worth it.

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