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Thursday, 3 October 2013

Cruising the docks


Yesterday we felt the need to be on the move, so we had a mini cruise around the south docks to the Marina.




It was a bit of a grey day, we dodged the showers, but the photos are a bit grey.






P1050132 P1050133

Wapping quay, the buildings are now apartments.


The Liverpool Watersports centre had some rowing eights and sailing dinghies out.

 P1050136P1050143 P1050146 P1050135

The Fire & Rescue service were practicing water rescues too.

P1050137 P1050139 P1050140


The marina is full of sailing boats and large pristine white cruisers.






The other side of this lock is the Mersey and the way to the MSC and Ellesmere Port if you have the necessary paperwork, perhaps we’ll do that one day…….




Then today, we have made the return trip along the Link and back up to the Leeds and Liverpool Canal.  We were expecting to get wet, heavy rain was forecast, so the waterproofs were dug out and we set off, back through Albert Dock and Canning Dock to the first lock, with the lockies waiting for us.

return journey (2) return journey (3)

return journey (10) return journey (13) return journey (22)



Joining nb Kingsley in Princes lock.





With a last look back at the Liver Building…….

return journey (23)

along the link with the wind turbines, keeping the docks supplied with energy……..

return journey (26) return journey (29)

and the dockers clock, with its six faces, looking out to all directions for synchronising the timepieces of the sailors and dockers.

Then it was back up the locks, again with a team of volunteers and lock-keepers to do the work for us.

We waved goodbye to the lockies at bridge 9, and soon after the rain started, but we were ready for it, so carried on, working with Kingsley leap-frogging at the swing bridges, it made things easier and we didn’t stop til Halsall at about 5 o’clock.  A good day’s travelling.


20 miles, 6 locks, 1 tunnel, 9 bridges

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