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Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Four Thousand and Counting


Leaving our quiet moorings, we were soon at Marston and the site of the Lion Salt Works.  We stopped to have a quick look around this old and protected site which finished its salt production in 1986 and is now undergoing a huge restoration programme.

P1050217 P1050219 P1050220


We couldn’t see much with all the protective fencing and scaffolding around the buildings which was a shame.





The bridges along this stretch of the canal are not as pretty as the traditional curvy arch ones, but functional and square, with iron supports over head. The cows crossing  stopped to get a closer look at us passing underneath them.

P1050226 P1050227 P1050221


Passing another salt works, this one still in operation, with huge vats and masses of pipes on both sides of the canal, crossing over too in several places.





Our next stop was Middlewich, through the Big Lock, an oddity on this narrow canal, and then we had a wander around the town.


We were looking forward to starting on the Cheshire locks, so after lunch we started up the narrow locks through Middlewich and onto Wheelock. Our first narrow locks since the Chesterfield Canal back at the beginning of August.

P1050229 P1050230

Lock number 68 was a landmark lockmark canalmark significant one for us, number 4,000 since the start of our journey in March 2011.

P1050231 P1050234 P1050236 P1050237

Oh it’s good to have locks to work again.


14 miles, 9 locks


  1. I think you have done more locks than us today ! x

  2. What a fantastic achievment, we wish we were as fit as you two and could keep up your pace. New pup due end of October.