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Thursday, 24 October 2013

Stunning Staffs & Worc.


We’re really enjoying being back on the southern section of the Staffs and Worc.  It is so pretty. Especially so in the autumn.  And in the sunshine.





Yesterday we made the journey from Stourport-on-Severn up to Kidderminster, just a short run, because once we got there, the weather conditions and mooring place was just right for Ian to get a top coat of paint on the port side under the gunwales.






After the job was done we had a saunter around the town, and getting some new clothes for Mr B. He doesn’t enjoy the experience, but occasionally it has to be done.  This morning we went into town again where there was a busy street market running, with some good stalls, we shall miss our market visits when we get back to ‘real life’.


P1050532 P1050533

We didn’t get to leave Kiddermnster til almost noon, and by then it was really quite warm, and we have enjoyed being out in the sun.  We have chosen to come up this way as we wanted to see the Bratch locks again,  but we didn’t quite get to them today, we were running out of daylight and had to stop at Wombourne.


P1050536 P1050537 P1050539


Debdale lock, with the rock cave beside it. Today I noticed the marks worn by feet pushing against the red sandstone to open the gate.







Through Cookley tunnel.









                                  Preening Party.





P1050550 P1050552 P1050553 P1050556

Passing through Kinver, we enjoyed the memories of the village, the rock houses and Kinver Scout, but didn’t stop today, we were pressing on with our mission.

P1050560 P1050561 P1050562

At Stewponey lock there is a little toll office, a large wharf building and other stable like buildings used by C&RT today.

"The origin of the name Stewponey has never been accurately explained. Suggestions include a corruption of Estepona, referring to an early connection with the Spanish town of the same name, and stewpons which were medieval ponds used by monks for keeping carp as a food supply."(from S&WCanal Society).


P1050565 P1050570 P1050574



Rocky lock, rope worn railings and Tacet gets a bubble bath.








Tomorrow we shall turn around and go back to Stourton Junction and head for Stourbridge.

Wednesday & Thursday, 18 miles, 18 locks, 2 tunnels

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