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Friday, 18 October 2013

Out and about in Brum


I was allowed out on my own this morning!  It doesn’t happen often……..

I can’t be trusted out alone for too long………

So what did I do?  Shopping? Sightseeing? Museums? None of those…..

I was sent on an errand…….

The weather was dry and bright again, Ian got back on his hands and knees to do more painting and I was sent to get a new part (no idea what it is) for the alternator (not all that sure what that is) as you may remember we have had a problem. We had a spare, but it didn’t work when fitted.

I took the non-working spare with me, and the part’s official name and number written out and made my way by foot and by train over to Tysley……



Where a very helpful gentleman, found me what I needed, tested it to make sure this one worked and relieved me of £20.






We could have gone by boat as it is right beside the Grand Union Canal, but that would have taken a while as there are 23 locks and it’s not the way we want to go next.

P1050357 P1050360

P1050364 P1050365


Back at the boat, Ian had finished painting so we set off out again round the city.

P1050367 P1050369


The Christ Scientist Church building, now a nightclub along Broad Street and St Peter’s Cathedral Church.

P1050370 P1050371


We liked this new living wall, somewhere around Snow Hill Station.


Then we had look around the new library building in Centenary Square.  We have watched it’s progress on our visits to Birmingham over the past 2 years and it opened at the beginning of September.

P1050377 P1050393 P1050395

Inside, it is as special as it is outside. The central part of the building is the Book Rotunda and at the very top of the building is the Shakespeare Memorial Library which has been transported from it’s original home in the Victorian library, then the Central library in the 1970’s and now rebuilt in the topmost gold cylinder of this new library.



There is a lovely outdoor garden 3 floors up with views across the city…..

P1050375 P1050379 P1050381 P1050383


                                                 ………….and down the sides!

Further up on the seventh level is the Secret Garden, another planted area with quiet places for reading or just sitting quietly enjoying the views in quietness above the city’s bustle down below.

P1050385 P1050387 P1050389 P1050390


We could see Tacet down below us and the amphitheatre at the front of the building. Amongst the garden planting stands the window cleaning machine, it must have to fit between the circle frieze shapes covering the building.  Right at the very top is the skyline viewpoint room, amazing.


City Panorama

Inside there are meeting rooms, event spaces, exhibition rooms, studio theatre, cafe, music practice rooms, chill out lounge, amphitheatre,  glass lift, music, heritage and photographic collections.




Oh, and it has books to borrow too!











Home again.

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  1. Hi Both
    Glad that you enjoyed the library, it is a real crowd puller and a credit to B'ham.
    We would have popped in to see you only we had a 7 week old Guide Dog Pup arrive on Thursday for 4 days before he goes to his Puppy Walker on Monday afternoon. He had us up 6 times last night so we are a bit shattered. We hope to have our own at the end of the month. If I had known you wanted a part from Tyseley I could have picked you up as it is only a short distance from Solihull where we live. Hope you enjoy the rest of your time in Brum.
    Bob and June