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Friday, 4 October 2013

Who do you think they are?

Yesterday as we were leaving Liverpool and I was running round the docks with the camera trying to get the best shots of Tacet on her way through, there was a film crew setting up with a bunch of guys getting positioned and ready to sing.
return journey (37)
They were causing a bit of a stir and interest, and as I had the camera in my hand, I joined in and took pictures too.
But I’ve no idea who they were!
return journey (5)

They were filming for ‘This Morning’ so I guess it went out on yesterday’s programme, they were rehearsing ‘All you need is love’. If you watched it or know who they are, let us know then I’ll at least be able to label the photos correctly!

Today has been another grey day, and we haven’t come far, stopping at Burscough for a Tesco shop and then tying up in a spot we noticed on the way down, a quiet mooring at the bottom of the two old Appley locks.
It’s nice to be out in the countryside again, this is the view from the side hatch today.

I have been looking at all the rose hips on the way today so when we had stopped I set off a-gathering and soon had a good bowlful.
P1050188 P1050191
Now it has been turned into Rose Hip Syrup, a good source of vitamin C for fighting off those winter colds.
9 miles, 4 swing bridges


  1. Its the Overtones in the picture Karen, you must have seen them? x

  2. Never even heard of them.. Was relying on Doug to know though. Thanks