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Saturday 6 August 2011

All Kinds of Weather!

As we came out of Selby Lock onto the River Ouse it was extremely hot and sunny.  We came out on the high tide as it was turning and so it would take us down river to Barmby Barrage and the River Derwent.
As always it is a relief to get off the tidal river and safely in the lock. This one is rather different with metal radial (curved) gates.
Then after rising only a few feet the gates swing round to let us onto the River Derwent.
As we made our way towards Bubwith for our first stop, the wind blew up, the black clouds came followed by the rain, thunder and lightning.  Ian got soaked. I offered moral support, coats, tea etc. as a good wife should.  But he 'was all right'! Trying to moor on the river was difficult, eventually we just poked the bow of the boat into the bank, jumped and banged the pegs in and tied up quick. A quick shower and then drying everything out including Ian's mobile phone which had water sloshing behind the screen.
12 miles 2 locks

Ian's phone is dead. So we made a bus journey into York to get a replacement before we went on further.
This afternoon's cruise took us onto the Pocklington Canal and slowly through the weeds and swing bridges to Melbourne Arm, which is the limit of the navigation.
On the locks another type of paddle gear.
More showers and some beautiful rainbows this afternoon.

9 miles, 2 locks, 5 bridges

We made our way back along the Pocklington and then onto the Derwent again and up to Sutton Lock which is booked for tomorrow at 9.30.
9 miles, 2 locks, 5 bridges

Along the river to Stamford Bridge, site of King Harold's battle with Hadrada of Norway in 1066, which he won, just before marching back to Sussex for that other battle of 1066 which did not end so well for him! An attractive village, with a very good fish and chip shop!
And another of those days with thunder storms and sunshine in between.
Sutton lock with its guillotine gate,
Filling up, this lock is operated by the lock keeper, and our passage through has to be booked.  We shall come back through tomorrow morning.
12 miles, 1 lock


  1. Hello again. I know you are experienced boaters, but just be aware that recently there's been heavy rain near the catchment areas of the Ouse and the Derwent. It's worth just bearing in mind. Ask Martin at Barmby Barrage, and Ken at Naburn Locks what they think.

  2. Thanks Christine, we will take their advice. The barrage is broken at moment so won't be going out on Monday as planned.
    We watched as disaster nearly overcame two boats last week going to York. They got stuck on the bridge at Selby for a while. Fortunately it all ended well and they got to York safely.

  3. One of the few canals we have never done. Watching your pictures with great interest.
    The Morecambe Bay Walk was WONDERFUL. Meeting with others who were on the walk tonight and hoping to download some of their pictures on to blog tomorrow