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Tuesday 9 August 2011

Round The Walls Of York We Go

We arrived here in York at midday today. It's been a lovely sunny day, with a slight breeze, so not too hot. Making the most of dry weather we walked the walls taking photos as we go...
One of the gateways on the wall round the city. Think its Monk Bar, not sure now! The present city walls were built between 1240 and 1340. The Romans built the original city walls in about 107AD. They enclose an area of 50 acres.

The steps up from Monk Bar to the walls.  There are a few places where the walls are now missing, close to the river crossings mostly.

Think you'd feel safe with these walls at the bottom of your garden. The ring road follows the walls round the city.
The red tower at one of the entrances into the city. Unusually made of brick, making it distinctive.
A mix of building styles can be seen on your way round.
Bootham Bar close to the Minster, and opposite the art gallery.

Views of the Minster across some lovely gardens.
Not sure I fancy these, does anyone know if they work?
Thought the new Travelodge here blended well with the old stone. We stayed here a few years ago with the children on a February half-term break.
Looking towards Lendal Bridge, Tacet is 4th boat from right.
The remains of St Mary's Abbey built in 1088 standing in the Museum Botanical Gardens.
Tomorrow we shall explore some more, the forecast is not good, so think we shall use our English Heritage and National Trust tickets and keep dry.
6 miles, 0 locks

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