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Thursday 11 August 2011

A rainy day in York

As was forecast we have had rain.
So yesterday we went to see the Treasurer's House behind the Minster. A very large house with various rooms decorated in the style of different periods of history. A showcase for the collections of Frank Green, a wealthy businessman who lived in the house for 30 years up to 1930 and then left it to the National Trust.
Afterwards we were going to go into the Minster, but there were crowds queuing because of the rain and it is very expensive, so instead we went to St Michael-Le-Belfrey where they were holding a service with lunch after, so we stopped there.
Next stop was Clifford's Tower, the remaining part of the Castle. 
The views from the top are good, though better when it's not raining I'm sure.

Looking across to the Minster.

Looking down inside the tower.
Next stop was the Castle Museum with great social history displays set out in streets, shops and houses. Also a York gaol display and a 60's gallery. By the time we had got round it was closing time and we had tired feet. 

This morning we went to the National Railway Museum and enjoyed the magnificent steam trains and all the collections of railway associated furniture, crockery, lamps, signs, in fact everything imaginable.
This afternoon we set off to leave York behind and make our way towards Ripon.  There were warnings that the river levels would be rising and moorings in York may not be very secure. After taking advice we decided to make our way up to Linton Lock where we could moor up to floating pontoons and rise with the river.  On the way the flow got more strong against us, making it slow going. The levels have risen quite a lot and tonight the area is on Flood Alert. 

10 miles, 1 lock

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  1. I have a friend who is development officer at St Michael-Le-Belfry. It's years since I've been there, but it is a good church.