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Friday 12 August 2011

Levels at Linton Lock

We have seen the water level rise a couple of meters from mid-day yesterday, but it is now slowly going down.  Only a few boats have been on the move today. Opinion is divided as to whether it is really safe to do so. The mooring where we were in York is now under water so it is good we moved from there. A little further up the river, we have been told the water level makes the bridge rather low to get under, so we shall give it time to settle down a bit more.

So we have walked into Linton-on-Ouse this morning, finding a well stocked local shop and a Post Office in the village hall.
This afternoon we walked into Newton-on-Ouse, finding a pretty village with Beningbrough Hall, a National Trust property. We didn't have our tickets with us though. So we may go to explore there tomorrow.  We also picked some damsons and apples growing along the way, (Ian calls it 'looting', I call it 'foraging') so shall make either jam or chutney, or both.

0 miles, 0 locks

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  1. Hello, pleased to see that you are prudently dealing with the River Ouse. Folklore in York, from boaters who live there, is that after heavy rains it's about five days before the levels rise in the city, then over another five days the levels gradually subside to normal. But I suppose others will have different opinions.