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Tuesday 23 August 2011

Made in Sheffield

'Made in Sheffield' a mark known around the world as one of craftmanship and quality. Today we went to a museum in the heart of city's industrial district to find out about the steel industry that Sheffield is famous for.
The large Bessemer converter which was used for the first mass production of steel.  Molten pig iron was poured into the top, then air was blown up through which caused impurities in the iron to oxidize resulting in steel.

A roller mill, where bars of red hot steel were passed through to make rods of varying dimensions.  In Sheffield the steel was made to various different types to suit the many different articles it would be used for.
The steel here was made into a vast array of tools, cutlery, armaments, vehicles, clock parts and I am sure many others. 
In the city's Cathedral there is this stunning stained lantern window in the tower around a wooden crown of thorns. Difficult to get a good photo.

On the way into Sheffield, we passed the Waddingtons boat yard
There were a number of barges out on the cut, not sure how much in use they are now.
Steel bilets on the canalside, nice to see steel works still here.
Moving on tomorrow.

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  1. This is a part of Sheffield which I haven't seen, but I remember when my aunt first told me of Sheffield steel being so famous.