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Tuesday 9 August 2011

Cruising the Ouse

Monday 8th August
The Barmby Barrage had an electrical fault which was mended during the morning which meant we were able to go out onto the Ouse as planned at 2pm.  This meant we caught the tide which would carry us up to Naburn Locks and onto the non-tidal Ouse on the way to York.
So with anchor at the ready, life-jackets on and valuables all stashed away we came out of the lock and onto the river, flowing at 4-5 knots. This gave us good progress to begin with at about 8 miles an hour.
The weather was sunny as we left though rather windy, which made the river quite choppy, so soon the front of the boat was well splashed, not a day for sitting out and enjoying the view.
Some of the 'waves' were quite big, honest....
Jumble kept a lookout at the back, but the counter was getting quite splashed at times too, so no laying down for him either.
The wind dropped a bit and it became less choppy, but then the rain started. Here we go past Selby lock,
and then through the two bridges before the sharp bend.
Under Cawood swing bridge, the rain had stopped now.
We passed some imposing farm buildings on the way.
Lock ahoy!  Naburn weir and lock to the right, 
a very welcome sight. We joined 4 other boats, which had come on to the river at Selby to go onto the safer waters of the upper river. It had actually been a good journey despite the wind and rain, taking just about 3 hours.
19 miles, 2 locks.

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