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Monday 30 September 2013

City Tower


St John’s Beacon was built in the 1960’s, towering  above all the other buildings in the city at the time at 138 metres above sea level. Its main purpose was as a ventilation shaft for the shopping centre below.  The top of the beacon was a revolving restaurant during the 70’s until it was closed down for health and safety reasons.


Now the ‘crows nest’ is home to Radio City broadcasting three stations across Liverpool and the North West.


Yesterday on yet another gloriously sunny day we took the lift, for a speedy 40 second ride to the viewing gallery at the top. It makes your ears go pop, it’s so fast.

P1050062 P1050063

Then we spent a long time just enjoying the views out across the Mersey and the city, spotting places we could recognise and trying to work out where the MSC entrance is.

P1050065 P1050067

We could see Albert Dock and Salthouse Dock quite clearly but not Tacet, the Hilton Hotel got in the way!

P1050080A ground level view, on our return.


  1. The tower certainly gives some great views and is well worth the visit. On a good day you can see Blackpool Tower and the snow on the Welsh mountains. Did you have the ex boxer as the guide. He was a real scream and was very proud of his city.
    All the best

    1. We tried to spot Blackpool tower but not sure we found it. Didn't get a guided tour though.