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Friday 20 September 2013

Emergency Action


As we got to Bilsborrow just alongside Owd Nells (pub) we were flagged down from the bank by a policeman, asking us to stop. As he stopped us a couple of fire engines pulled into the car park with blue lights flashing and in a matter of seconds hoses were being unrolled and fitted together along the towpath, under the bridge and out of sight. Then a large generator/pump contraption was fitted up, drawing water from the canal and pumping it along the hoses to the scene of the emergency.

Emergency Action (2) Emergency Action (3)

From the bridge we could see what the problem was, a cruiser had caught fire and the fire and rescue team quickly had the blaze under control, helped by the rain.

 Emergency Action (5)Emergency Action (4)

More emergency vehicles arrived, and an ambulance too.  It seemed that no-one was very seriously hurt thankfully, and I don’t think they had to take anyone to hospital.

Emergency Action (6)

We were held up for just an hour, then all was clear for us to move on through.

Sadly though, I don’t think the cruiser can be rescued further.

Emergency Action (1) Emergency Action (11)

Garstang – Preston, 17 miles

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  1. Jill, Matilda Rose20 September 2013 at 20:43

    That's exactly what happened to ours except they put power hoses on it when the ropes were burning through and set it off down the river like a Viking funeral pyre - then it sank!