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Silent Movement - Our gap year travelling the inland waterways

Thursday 26 September 2013

In my Liverpool Home


Salthouse Dock, where the visitor moorings are, is very quiet, just 6 boats on the pontoons.




It’s also quieter than last years with no shrieks from passengers on the yellow DUCK as it launches into the dock, and no waves rocking us afterwards.

The DUCK tours have had to stop after one sank earlier on in the year, with the passengers being rescued by quick-thinking narrowboaters.



As the name suggests, the dock was a transit terminal for the salt industry, bringing salt from the Cheshire Wiches. The rock salt was refined here in Liverpool and then shipped on to its next destination.

This morning we have visited the Museum of Liverpool and just now Ian is back at work on the painting jobs.  After finishing this blog I shall get out the patchwork quilt, which is almost finished. Then later we are booked onto the Mersey tunnel tour, which no doubt you’ll hear about tomorrow.

Nightime view of Salthouse Dock


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